Painting mat


Protective Painting Mat, which has been successfully used in Western Europe, is a new product on Polish market. It finds application not only on building sites or gardens, but also in housings. Mat’s main designation is to protect floor, furniture and AGD from liquids, dust and mechanical damages. Unlike to dust sheet, foil and cardboard the mat absorbs dust and does not allow it to proliferate. It can be also applied onto drying concrete, as a barrier keeping humidity at the needed level. 

Protective Painting Mat consists of a nonwoven fabric, made out of recycled textiles, and high quality anti-skidding foil. Due to technology used, the mat features higher wooliness than other products available on the market. Its composition allowed to increase level of protection and ability to absorb dust, keeping the price affordable at the same time. 

Protective Painting Mat is available in rolls, 10 meters by 1 meter (33x3 feet). Upon customer’s request other dimensions are available. We are a Polish producer and Protective Painting Mat is made out of Polish materials. 


  • protects from liquids, dust and mechanical damages
  • absorbs dust, reducing it proliferating
  • high usage of safety due to anti-skidding foil
  • does not leave traces of usage
  • reusable 
  • made from recycled materials
  • made in Europe



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